Thanks to Micheal Harper experience &expertise in the Law.
Mike has represented us in business and real estate issues over the past 15 years, all with positive results!
The latest, a.so-called local Attorney sued us over a landlord - tenant issue, and again Mike won for us a judgment plus legal fees!

Keith & Kathy S.

Mike has a strong, well deserved reputation in Payson for excellence, effectiveness, and ethics beyond reproach. In addition, he is truly caring and considerate. Mike is the ally you need on your side.

Emmie D.

Is there a way to leave you guys a STELLAR review? A lawyer's bulletin? I never could have imagined all of you would work so hard and diligently for the pennies this bill is! Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful! I want to do something for you! Let me know?

Vanessa C.

You're always ready to step up and help out. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for leading me through this long ordeal!

Cathy B

Hello! The letter and check arrived safely this afternoon. I want to thank you and your lovely staff once again for all you have done for me. All of you are terrific!

Blessings to you all!


I was referred to Mike by another client so that right there should tell you he's good. What I'm going to tell you will let you know he's actually great. I get along with almost everyone but I'm a no nonsense person who doesn't take the blame for things I don't do and fully admit when I do something. And I do my research on everything. I also play hardball. All of these things about me are why I hired Mike and his staff. They epitomize the ethics and fight I was raised with and also like a dog with a bone they too don't let go.

They will fight endlessly to get the final result you desire and they won't charge you the way other lawyers do. They even cut me some slack on my retainer because it was all I had. They are animal lovers who keep cookies on hand for dogs and you've got to ask Lesa about her crazy cat stories! This is the first time in my 52 years I've needed an attorney and they made it as smooth as anything unpleasant can be. And don't even think about swiping that ficus tree in his office because if it ever has to leave his care it's coming to MY house lol. I want to convey my joy and gratitude at the outcome!

Colleen P.


Working with Harper Law relieved stress in a critical moment when I needed it the most! I'd been in accidents before and avoided hiring an attorney, but when a drunk driver hit me, I knew I'd need help navigating the complexities. When the insurance agency avoided answering calls and delayed progress, Harper Law dug in and got me twice the settlement I expected. Very grateful!


Attorney Mike Harper did an exceptional job handling a real estate issue for me. Mike is professional, fair, responsive and very qualified. I highly recommend attorney Harper.

Cheryl K.

I had a great experience at Harper Law Office (Payson) from the beginning to end. I was able to get an appointment the next day where I met with Michael and explained my saga of a car accident where I was injured and not at fault. I really appreciated his calm demeanor, listening skills and especially the reassurance that we could do this. It was quite a journey with insurance companies, but Michael guided and patiently explained everything and assured me throughout the whole process. It was often a frustrating experience for me, as I'd never been through this before, but he and his staff were there for me every step of the way to completion. Big thanks to Lesa and Sharon too and all their hard work. I'm happy to say I was exceedingly pleased with the settlement I received without having to go to court. I highly recommend Harper Law Offices! 5 stars!

Susan L.

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